Welcome to the Process Work Institute

PWI trains facilitators and counselors to work with the deepest experiences that arise not only in our bodies, emotions, and psychology, but also in our communities, earth, and world. Our students are not numbers, they join our journey and community of co-learners and rise to meet the vision that each of our graduates has clearly discernible attitudes and skills to facilitate and counsel themselves and others anywhere in the world, in any type of work where they are called.



Advanced Intensive: Feb 23rd – March 4th, 2015

The Process Work Institute invites you to join us for an advanced 10-day intensive workshop.Anyone having  workshop or personal training in Processwork, Deep Democracy training, is welcome. Graduates of PWI intensives are invited, and we welcome learners that have completed other types of intensives in Processwork. We’d like learners to have a basic knowledge of Processwork.