Welcome to the Process Work Institute

PWI trains facilitators and counselors to work with the deepest experiences that arise not only in our bodies, emotions, and psychology, but also in our communities, earth, and world. Our students are not numbers, they join our journey and community of co-learners and rise to meet the vision that each of our graduates has clearly discernible attitudes and skills to facilitate and counsel themselves and others anywhere in the world, in any type of work where they are called.


Processwork Free

Get to Know Processwork : FREE Lecture Series

The Process Work Institute invites you to get to know Processwork by participating in three weeks of FREE lectures–no registration required! In this distance friendly lineup Dawn Menken, Ingrid Rose, and Vassiliki Katrivanou will be sharing their knowledge and experience of Processwork and how they use it to make change in the world. 

Creative Films about Processwork

Dionysus: Addictive Tendencies Part II
Succeed at having mystical experiences.
Dancing through A Field of Bingeing and Starving
Interview of Annie Blair MA in Processwork, on her performance...
Why This Film and What's Worldwork?
The filmmaker introduces "Worldwork", why she made the film, and...
Worldwork Theory in a Nutshell
Watch Tom's overview of some of the key elements of...