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Lily has a Ph.D. in psychology with a specialization in processwork from Union Institute & University, a Diploma in processwork from the Process Work Institute, and a Diploma in social work from the Higher School of Social Work in Greece. She also has been trained in systems theory, group dynamics and family therapy at the Athenian Institue of Anthropos in Athens, Greece.

Lily works as a processwork practitioner, trainer and facilitator in Greece and internationally, working in private practice, leading seminars, conducting trainings and team building, teaching, and facilitating groups.

She is part of a team of processwork diplomates that brought processwork to Greece. There she is also an associate of the Athenian Institute of Anthropos in Athens, Greece, and teaches processwork in the postgraduate program on pain management of the University of Ioannina, Greece.

Recent Professional Engagements:

Organizing and co-facilitating open forums in Athens, Greece, to work on the rising tension due to the financial, social and political crisis (most recent forum December 2013)

Train the Trainers in the Program “Activities in Neighborhoods” aimed at raising awareness on issues related to the intergration of immigrants in the host societies, organized by the Municipality of Athens, upon assignment from the Ministry of Interior, the European Integration Fund for the Third Country Nationals and the European Union (June 2013)

Trainer in the Program for Intercultural Training of municipality employees and municipality police officer coming in contact with immigrants organized by the Panteion Univeristy of Social & Political Sciences, Athens, Greece (April-June 2012)

Areas of special interest:

2nd training, worldwork, open forums, teamwork, coma work, panic attacks, creativity, dreams, body symptoms, relationships, teachers empowerment.

Personal statement:

”In Process Work I found a paradigm in which process (what is happening) is the teacher; all experiences are valued and hidden treasures can be found in the most troublesome of them. This worldview fit my feeling about life. Being immersed in it has given me a deeper understanding of myself, and the world. The wide spectrum of applications of this paradigm, and the myriad aspects remaining to be discovered, thrill my inquisitive nature.

In my doctoral studies I focused on the application of process thinking to panic attacks. Through this research I have come to appreciate these experiences as potential doorways into unknown aspects of ourselves and the underlying intelligent field guiding our lives.

In my personal and professional life I apply processwork concepts, ideas and methods as I attempt to stay with and focus on the various tensions and difficulties that appear in everyday life, making space for the potential gifts they carry.

I love sailing the Aegean, gazing at the ocean on the Oregon coast, swimming, lying in the sun, sleeping under the stars, getting lost in music, gardening, cooking, doing things with my hands, building, chopping wood, pushing myself to my physical limits and beyond, all of which somehow help me get in touch with the sense of the mystery of life. My life myth revolves around living life as a divination process!”



(+30) 210.984.8912

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