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You can now download recordings of Process Work events!


KBOO Interview with Jan Dworkin. (MP3) KBOO Interviewer Paul O’Brien interviews Jan Dworkin.

Greece: An Update From the Inside September 25, 2011 (MP3)
with Lily Vassiliou, Vassiliki Katrivanou, Ioanna Velali, Venetia Bouronikou, Katerina Sideri, Alexandra Vassiliou, Aggeliki Sifaki

Process Work and Low-Income Public Housing with Elva

Coma and Brain Injury

An Interview with Dawn Menken on School Bullying, hosted by Will Hall

Bringing Menopause out of the Closet: How to Celebrate the Power of Menses and the Wisdom of the Pause With Kalpana Tanwar

Fireside Chat: Process Work Theory of Extreme States with Kate Jobe (MP3)

Health Equity Forum – Part 1Part 2 (MP3)

Health Equity and Diversity: Multidisciplinary Colloquium and Open Forum (MP3)

Madness and Disability Rights: A Community Forum on Mental Health (WMA)

Madness Radio: Portland Police Training w/ Julie Diamond

Madness Radio: Process Oriented Counseling with Joe Goodbread

Madness Radio: Wounded States of Consciousness Bogna Szymkiewicz

Madness Radio: Physics Dreaming and Extreme States Arnold Mindell

Madness Radio: Elders and Forgetfulness Stan Tomandl

Process Work and Organizational Change (WMA)
Stephen Schuitevoerder, Phd

MACF Cohort 1 Final Projects
Anne Murphy: Ah! Sweet Mythtery of Life, At Last I’ve Found You (WMA)

Barbara Burkhardt: Facilitation as an Everyday Practice: The Concept of the Participant Facilitator in Process Work (WMA)

Daisuke Kato: The Insight Facilitator (WMA)

Errol Amerasekera: Stepping into the World, Stepping into Ourselves: Examining the Relationship betweenOrganizational Development, Process Work Theory and Inner Work (WMA) Additional PDF file

Heike Hamann: What is Organizational Development from a Process Work Perspective? An Interview StudyUsing Qualitative Methods (WMA) Additional PPT file

Jennifer Kleskie: The Facilitator and the Shaman: An Exploration of Process Work Interventions in Family Therapy (WMA)

Midori Kiriyama: Hiroshima Helix: Digging for Bones under the Supermarket (WMA)

Mikio Ohgushi: Interfaith dialogues between Zen Buddhists and Evangelical Christians (WMA) Additional PDF file

Nancy Papathanasiou: The Process of History-Making Conflicts: Subjectively Revisiting Three Historical Conflicts
in Process Work Terms
(WMA) Additional PDF file

Norio Hiromizu: Growing a Culture that Respects Diversity: An Exploration of the Application of the Deeply Democratic Approach of Mindell’s Open Forum Process (WMA)

Penny Watson: Yearning for a Better World: A Social Education Project (WMA)

Yelena Udy: The Meeting of an Individual and an Organizational Myth (WMA)

What is Process Work and Working With Extreme States
Part 1 (mp3)
Part 2 (mp3)
An extended interview with Jean-Claude and Arlene Audergon
Produced by Will Hall

Presentation on Azerbaijan
Part 1; Part 2 (WMA)
Presentation by Elturan N. Ismayilov
February 18, 2006
Download the accompanying documents for this lecture (ZIP)

“The Social and Health Impact of Inequality” (WMA)
Public Lecture by Pierre Morin, Ph.D.
February 11, 2006
Download the PowerPoint presentation for this lecture

“Making Conflict Work: Facilitating Public Dialogue and Dispute” (WMA)
Public Lecture by Julie Diamond, Ph.D.
January 25, 2006

“Assisting Patients in Withdrawn & Confused States” (Windows Media file)
Public Lecture by Pierre Morin, Ingrid Rose and Dean Yamamoto
November 3, 2005

“Migration Processes in Europe” (Windows Media file)
Ph.D. Presentation by Aleksandra Zavos
October 1, 2005

“An Alzheimers Surprise Party”
by Tom Richards, Stan Tomandl, Ann Jacob (WMA)
October 16, 2005

by Nader Shabahangi (WMA)
October 16, 2005